Interior or Exterior, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Satin Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The design for a door hinge that can be adjusted was created by an engineer in Houston, Texas that had problems with sticking doors in his own home. For years he hassled with cutting, planing, and sanding doors and then eventually replacing his doors, only to find the same sticking problems occurred after a while. He realized there had to be a better way. 

All doors and door frames start out square. Whether it is due to ground settling, foundation settling, poor craftsmanship or just remodeling by adding carpet, tile or wood, sticking doors can be a problem. He wanted a simple and easy fix and so the idea for an adjustable door hinge arose. Over the next 3 years of trial and error, the Original Adjustable Door Hinge was invented and patented. His goal was to give homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, contractors and builders an easy fix of an age old problem, STICKING OR RUBBING DOORS, without the costly and tedious traditional repairs of cutting, sanding or planing.

The Adjustable Door Hinge replaces your existing hinges with no additional mortising or cutting. Once installed, you can easily adjust the hinge and your door up or down and side to side with just a turn of the center bolt and tightening of the bottom acorn nut. Available in interior or exterior dimension and five different finishes Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze door hinge replacement is a snap with the Adjustable Door Hinge. 

Who ever thought fixing a sticking or rubbing door could be so easy?
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Whether your door sticks on the side,
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The Adjustable Door Hinge
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