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Whether your door sticks on the side,
Leans In, leans out
Maybe sticks on the bottom or the top....
The Adjustable Door Hinge
Can Make it Stop
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I had ordered 5 sets of custum doors and for some reason the doors were hung too low and would not clear the threshold.  I used your hinges to raise the doors instead of returning the doors.  Your hinges worked just like I hoped for  -  Rick C.,  Farmington NM
Your hinges really helped me put my front exterior door in good working order  -  Bob B.,  Colleyville, TX
Installed the hinges and they work like a charm - Nancy L., Giddings, TX
The hinges work great, they fixed several doors.  The drought and heat has caused a lot of house settling and shifting in N. Texas -  Roger W. Dallas, TX
Your hinges are fantastic. I've ordered 4 more sets-  
Jay T.,  Fort Worth, TX
I finally got around to installing your hinges this weekend.  I knew before I started that the combination of door warping and the frame not being true was going to make a perfect adjustment difficult Your hinges definitely made an improvement though.  The door still makes contact but the amount of force required to close it is much less and it no longer springs open on its own.  Much better overall! Good Luck! - Robert R., Clifton, NJ
Just wanted to let you guys know - these hinges worked beautifully! - James S., Stewart, TN
My last order of interior hinges resolved my sticking door problms.  My current order is to fix two exterior doors that are sticking badly - Darin R., Columbia, SC
Your hinges really helped me put my front exterior door in good working order  -  
Bob B.,  Colleyville, TX
I installed the hinges on a metal door that was sticking very badly.  They worked like a charm and now the door is swinging perfectly.  Thank you very much  for helping to make my life easier - David C. University Heights, OH
Our Front door doesn't stick anymore!!!! - Rick C.,  Warrenton, MO
I just finished installing the hinges and I have to tell you they perform as stated on your website.  They are fantastic!  My door has never closed this easily.  The hinges saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to replace the door.  The quality of the hinge is great along with the installation screws.  Often you buy a good quality product but the installation hardware is junk.  This is a great designed product! - Kenn L. Darien, IL
My wife told me we needed to remove an interior door and plane the top.  Since I don't own a plane I figured I would have to hire it done; and then I recalled Tom Tynan talking about an adjustable hinge that made things real easy.  I was somewhat skeptical at first, it sounded too good to be true, but indeed it worked as advertised! - Gary K. Houston, TX 
Your hinges worked great.  Before finding your hinges online I had to cut doors down in the areas where they were hitting the jamb. As you already know it was a royal pain.  We have what is called Yazoo Clay in many areas of Mississippi.  The earth expands and contracts depending on the temperature.  There is no telling how much money people are spending on contractors to fix the door problems - Larry G., Madison, MS
I am writing to tell you that your hinges work amazing well! My husband wanted you to know they were easy to install and easy to adjust (took about 15 minutes total for him)  We haven't been able to close our master bedroom door every summer for two years now. So happy to be able to close and lock it now. we are very happy -  Michele G. - Maricopa, AZ
California has more than its share of rain; therefore, there are a lot of doors in a two-story house that tend to warp,  Our son-in-law decided to tackle the job and was surprised how easy it was to install the amazing adjustable hinges.  Thanks for keeping us well within budget. - Helen  M.- Grass Valley, CA
We live in New Orleans and our doors were sticking bad.  Replaced 3 sets the first time then bought 6 more sets and did the rest.  The best thing is that after 2 months they were sticking again because our house settled and I just adjusted the hinges and it was great.-  Steve R., New Orleans, LA
We had 6 doors in our house that wouldnt close. We had a contractor bid us over $2000 to come in and repair them. My husband put in the Adjustable Door Hinges in about 2 hours. I love him and now I love the Adjustable door Hinges - Ursula L., Hempstead, Texas
Didnt believe at first so bought just one set. I now have 4 sets on the doors that were sticking and they all close great. I know where to find yall. I will definitely tell my buddies - Lance Beaumont, Texas
Our hall bathroom door had an inch gap from closing. I have repaired many doors myself but one set of Adjustable Door Hinges took me less than a half hour to install, and about 1/10 the price in time and effort. I will definitely be recommending yall to all my friends - Bill  D., Houston, Texas
The Amazing Door Hinge should be the miracle door hinge since I promised my husband it would only take 20 minutes to do. We had 3 sticking doors and in less than an hour they were all done. Thanks guys - Susan  L., Houston, Texas
After installing the hinges on my 2 year old, very expensive front door, I am able not only use the lock, but the latch catches without fail. We were afraid to leave our house because our front door did not reliably lock (Houston black gumbo soil), but after installation, I can pull my door to, gently, it catches and then it locks. This is simply amazing! Thank you! Eric in Houston Tx
Just wanted to say the adjustable door hinge worked like a charm! Amazing- Tim T., Conway Arkansas
I installed tile in my kitchen and needed clearance for the door. The adjustable door hinge worked great! Facing the same problem with a second door. Thanks for a great product. Doug B., Lytton, Iowa
The hinge is awesome! I can finally close the door. This is a great product. Eric G., Colorado Springs, Colorado