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Interior Adjustable Door Hinges 
are available in 5 Finishes.
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Whether your door sticks on the top or bottom, or even side to side....
The Original Adjustable Door Hinge can solve the problem!
​          Installs quickly and easily
          Adjusts if the problem happens again
          Available for all INTERIOR and EXTERIOR doors  

The Original Adjustable Door Hinge is the same size and thickness as your existing hinges. There is no need for any additional mortising. Installation can be done with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

There are numbers of reasons your doors can be sticking or not closing.....

  • Your house is settling
  • Expansive soil conditions
  • Foundation concerns
  • Humidity
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Tile, carpet or wood floor installation 
  • Remodel
  • Too many layers of paint

Traditionally your door hinge repair would consist of….

Taking the door down off the frame                                                                             20  Minutes

Taking the door outside to be cut down, and 4 dents in the sheet rock                         5  Minutes

Cutting, sanding or planing the door (If your measurements are correct)                    60  Minutes

Repainting the door - 2 coats                                                                                        45 Minutes

Taking the door back inside and 2 more marks and dings                                             5 Minutes 

Rehang the door and hope it's right. (Did you find all the screws?)                             20 Minutes

If you valued your time at $50 an hour, it would cost you about $140 in your labor time to unstick your door the old fashioned way.

Or, purchase a new door and frame and have it professionally installed for $500.

Or the easy way................

Replace your existing hinges with The Original Adjustable Door Hinges’. It’s easy to install, takes less than 15 minutes and adjusts forever. 5 Finishes available, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Satin Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
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Whether your door sticks on the side,
Leans In, leans out
Maybe sticks on the bottom or the top....
The Adjustable Door Hinge
Can Make it Stop
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Oil Rubbed bronze door hinges
The ebook that shows you how to fix lots of door problems.
 Exterior Adjustable Door Hinges   
are available in 4 finishes.
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Interior Adjustable Hinges
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